Ep. 20 - Transforming Communities and Empowering Entrepreneurs with Affordable Spaces


Avi Telyas shares the amazing vision and mission of their organization, Makerhoods, and how their organization is able to help entrepreneurs with their businesses by combining affordable work/live communities with comprehensive business development services.

Avi also talks about the transformative power of community and affordable spaces, and how it can support the growth of micro-enterprises. His passion for Makerhood is one for inspiration and motivation, so make sure to check it out!

Avi Telyas is an American real estate developer, serial entrepreneur, and pioneer in lean manufacturing and large-scale modular construction. His passion for architecture and craft entrepreneurship has led him to found Makerhoods.org, an organization which advocates for urban land use policies that foster self-employment and self-sufficiency through affordable working and living space.

Makerhoods doesn’t just provide income for the entrepreneur; each one of these micro-enterprises generates four jobs, and those jobs make better than minimum because most of the time, these entrepreneurs hire family members and they pay them better, so it’s a great economic development strategy.
— Avi




  • [0:01:58.2]  How Mickey and Avi met

  • [0:03:00.3]  Getting to know Avi

  • [0:04:36.0]  Catching the real estate/entrepreneurial bug

  • [0:06:35.6]  Avi’s educational background and how it helped him get into the real estate business

  • [0:07:26.7]  Avi’s career after NYU

  • [0:07:34.6]  How Avi was able to buy a small business for $15k and then sell it for $30M to a Fortune 500 company

  • [0:09:15.5]  The beginning of Avi’s venture in modular construction

  • [0:11:22.3]  How modular construction works

  • [0:12:07.5]  The pros of modular construction

  • [0:12:54.7]  What Makerhoods is about and the opportunities they offer for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses

  • [0:15:50.6]  How Avi started with Makerhoods

  • [0:28:21.7]  Makerhoods Projects

  • [0:30:16.4]  What’s next for Makerhoods

  • [0:33:24.4]  Get to know more about Makerhoods.org

  • [0:36:10.6]  How Avi promotes his community

  • [0:36:54.4]  The economic advantages of a community like Makerhoods

  • [0:37:47.3]  Avi’s book recommendations

  • [0:38:48.5]  Avi’s mentors

  • [0:40:02.9]  Advice for people who want to venture into any form of real estate business

Mikey and Avi will be speaking at the Regenerative Real Estate Breakfast on May 15, 2019 where they’ll be talking about holistic community development and how we can eliminate barriers to entrepreneurship through affordable spaces.

Regenerative Real Estate is about impact investing for the bottom line AND for making a difference in our communities.

You can read more about the event on this site.