Kreme and Krumbs a sweet taste of love, passion and triumph!


Triumph is Sweet!

If at first you don’t succeed pick yourself up and try again!

Many are familiar with this phrase, however Kiahna Malloy is living it out. Kiahna previously opened a bakery in 2009 located in South Jersey. Her shop would close just a year later and although devastated, Kiahna did not let this detract her from reattempting her dream.

Pushed by her husband to keep going forward, Kiahna continued perfecting her craft and awaiting the perfect opportunity to once again start her own business.

In 2017, she founded Kreme and Krumbs out of her love for cake and ice cream. This past year Kiahna was laid off from her 20-year career working for the Federal Government. Realizing that you only live once, Kiahna decided to take on her business full-time.


Flava of Love

Officially opening for business on August 3rd of this year, Kreme and Krumbs is a crafted creamery and bake shop located at 162 Glenwood Ave, Bloomfield, NJ 07003. The shop specializes in creating the best scoop of ice cream and bringing pure bliss to a cupcake or cookie lover's taste buds. Kreme and Krumbs makes all of their products from scratch and use ingredients sourced from the world's best artisan producers and New Jersey's best sustainable growers.

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The scoop

Through Kreme and Krumbs, Kiahna is proud to show her daughters how important it is to take action in their lives to make their dreams come true. She is also set on giving back to the community by providing jobs and influencing any young entrepreneur that any dream is possible. We caught up with Kiahna Malloy to discuss her bakery Kreme and Krumbs, her journey as an entrepreneur and much more!

What inspired your passion?

I always had a sweettooth and a loooove for ice cream. Which caused me to gravitate towards pastries in culinary school. After school, I found work at a bakery called CakeLove. I always admired how the owner of this shop, Warren Brown, always used fresh ingredients and her product was tasty yet never overly sweet. My passion started in culinary school but my vision for what product I wanted to create and sell started at CakeLove.

When did you realize your product could become a business?

Not to sound arrogant but I knew my product was great and unique. I knew that there were people looking for fresh, unique, and not-overly sweet desserts. I believe my artisan ice cream can sit next to any premium artisan brand on a supermarket shelf.

Describe your day as a business owner.

Everything sold in my shop is seasonal and made from scratch. My husband bakes fresh every day the store is open for business.  My shop is open Wednesday - Sunday; however, I work 7 days a week on my business. Monday and Tuesday are my prep days in which I locate all of my flavors, chill and churn all of my ice cream, and restock on product and utensils. Other than that, I’m working on creating content for social media.

What challenges have you come across that you didn’t expect?

Opening my store was a challenge I did not expect. I got the lease to my store in February and I didn’t get approved to open until July. Nevertheless this obstacle was overcome and my shop officially opened for business on August 3rd.

What does your business have in common with the urban community?

Quality, integrity, creativity, skills, uniqueness, love, flava and most of all we always triumph over any obstacle! We dream and make our dreams a reality. I love my community and it is important I make them proud.

What do you think about the Makerhoods mission?

I absolutely love it, the city as well as it’s people can only thrive from this. I love that the [Krueger-Scott] Mansion will become a symbol of hope for our youth looking to follow their dreams and become entrepreneurs. 

What are your business goals for 2019?

I want to open a kiosk at a mall. In October, I want to add new products such as coffee and hot chocolate. I want to continue expanding my products into restaurants, markets and stores.

What advice would you tell your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to go after my dreams - a good paying job does not buy happiness. To any self-starting entrepreneur, it’s never too late to go after your dreams, start now! Block out the self-doubt, follow your vision and execute it.

Anthony Smith, Community Outreach Coordinator

After graduating college and returning back to my hometown of Newark, NJ I became a member of the Newark Makerhoods team. This transformative experience put me in touch with many local entrepreneurs who are all in different business stages, ranging from established to upstart. Newark is a thriving city for talented creators. I'm here to share their stories and launch their business to the everyday public’s eye.